The Snowcone Story

Hi!  I’m Snowcone, your favorite loveable unicorn and I’m ready to start our adventure together!  Thank you for visiting my website!

Please read my story and keep coming back to see my new adventures, games, and other fun stuff for you to play and be creative with.

I was born to spread joy, happiness, and positive messages!  I would love to put a smile on your face with my fun and positive messages and always make you feel extra special because you are!

When I was created, I was made with a special secret pocket that has a very unique design, which is why I’m different than any other unicorn.  At first, I didn’t know how lucky I was to have this special pocket.  Then, I saw this is what made me unique and gave me something special that no other unicorn had, so it made me happy and that’s how I got my name, Snowcone The Happy Unicorn!

Just unzip the purple zipper and find a special surprise for you in the pocket from me!  Then you can use that special secret pocket to put any of your secret stuff inside.  No one will know where it is until you decide to share it with them!

When I was little, I was given a very important mission and that was to spread joy and happiness wherever I go.  And that’s your mission too!  You were created to be unique and very special too and if you join me, we can spread happiness to all!

Remember, to always be kind to others wherever you go because Snowcone says so!